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I am a Full-Stack Developer and overall Business Operations whiz with experience leading teams of varying sizes and scope. I come from an operations focused background, with the past 6 years working for a 501(c)6 not-for-profit trade organization called A2IM, which is focused within the US music business industry. At A2IM I established a modern, cloud-based IT and web infrastructure alongside managing live event production contractors & varying other teams. In conjunction with the development of new business operations with policies & procedures, I also participated in many of the numerous in-person networking events as well as moderated live panels & a few webinars.

Before working for A2IM I helped grow a chain of retail stores in an emerging disruptive technology located in Manhattan & Brooklyn. After originally taking a part-time position out of interest in a hobby, I ended up creating inventory and tracking systems that were scaled across 10+ stores as the industry exploded. I then took a position managing teams across multiple site locations.

In prior experience I have held various other operations & management roles within a few different industries including industrial fiber optics/network installation, medical insurance, big-box retail, and even unfortunately, the pawn shop industry. I have recently been working on a contract with an organization that focuses on physical therapy for traumatic brain injury patients. I have been tasked to modernize their web infrastructure & create new features that integrate into their existing systems.

On a personal note: I'm a father, musician and a gamer. I enjoy playing FPS games and tinkering with analogue synthesizers & various other electronic gadgets. Being a musician, live music originally brought me from my hometown in Tampa, Florida to Tennessee. After spending a couple years there I eventually ventured to New York City to fulfill my creative destiny! I subsequently traveled back nearly a decade later during the covid-19 pandemic. Not long after moving back, my son Alan was born and we now enjoy our time outdoors together at our home in Chattanooga with our super cute cat named Dwayne.